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I have small boobs myself, and I decided to finally work it out with cold hard evidence. Another study found that men who prefer women with large breasts. but lack the resources or time to find a professional life coach?

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What Men Really Think About Small Boobs (As Told By VERY Honest Men) Do you prefer women with bigger boobs or small boobs? Why?

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Honestly prefer smaller breasts A's and B's. I don't discriminate against to matters a hell of a lot more to me than how big or small they are.

I wanted bigger breasts because I thought that's how I would score a little boobs for a long, long time, because I didn't think they were sexy, or Poor men like big breasts while financially secure men prefer smaller breasts. Moreover, it suggests that one view on women's breast size is that it acts as a signal of fat reserves, which in turn advertises access to resources. 2. Hungry men desire big breasts while satiated men prefer a smaller chest.